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About Us

Unity and Change Entertainment is much greater than just the concept. Many things in today’s society are in need of change. However, in order to make a change, we must first unite. Our events will enable us all to meet new Kings and Queens in our communities, increase your advertisement, clientele, and sales opportunities, network, and in many cases learn something new! Don’t forget to bring your business cards, portfolios, website address, emails, directions to your businesses, etc.

Unity and Change Entertainment will also contribute to scholarship funding for rising excellence!  Our contribution help educate, prepare, enlighten, and unite our young Kings and Queens. We are responsible for ensuring that our children know that their contributions to this nation are paramount.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Friday: 9AM - 6PM

Saturday - Open for processing ONLY

Sunday - Monday: CLOSED

We may make ourselves available outside of business hours (via social media and/or email). However, if you not hear from us. Please wait for up to two business days for a response (Tuesday-Friday). 

We look forward to uniting with you!